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Program Topics of Personal Women Fashion style

1st Day 
General Styling Coaching 
1- Body Shape – Face Shape 
2- Colors in Fashion 
Your Personal Styling 
3-  Your Colors
4-  Identify witch items fits to your Body
5- Your Face Your accessories 
6- Be-Chic -The Sense of Style - ways to be Stylish
7- Breaking fashion rules 
8- Fashion Errors 
Fashion Culture 
9- Style identification 
10- Discovering  Fabrics 
11- Discovering Shoes 
12- What kind of Shoes wear with ..

Available as one Day Personal Man Fashion Style Course 

One Day Professional STYLE COACHING experience to know the history of the major fashion designers, study the color theories and understand the personal style.

Understand the process of fashion styling and develop the creative abilities.

Discovering How Style can Influence the Career or Personal Life? 

"Traveling & Fashion"

What is about 

Program Topics of Personal Women Fashion style

General Styling Coaching 
1-  Glossary
2-  Men's clothing description 
3-  Style Identification
4-  Men's Fabrics
5- Male Face Shapes
6- Male Face Shapes + Sunglasses
7- Men's different Body Shapes
8- Dress Code

Additional Documents

- Italian / British / American Jackets

- Fashion Icons

- Fit Suit Guide

- Fashion Male Mistakes

One Day Personal Fashion Styling Course

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Discover " Milan Fashion Campus"

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